What is Cordyceps?

What is Cordyceps?

Just as cordyceps may help cancer patients fight the disease, the supplement may also be useful during chemotherapy. Although the results are inconclusive, early studies have proven the supplements to be effective toward improving a patient’s tolerance to such treatments.

Cordyceps supplements are often used by athletes to improve performance and endurance, but studies involving a group of male cyclists have proven the supplements to be ineffective for this purpose. The supplements have also been used to help treat several kidney complications, but studies have revealed the supplements are insufficient to mitigate such complications. The kidney complications targeted include kidney damage that occurs in elderly people taking the drug amikracin. The supplements have also attempted to improve kidney function and longevity in people who have undergone kidney transplants.

Cordyceps may also help adults suffering from asthma. However, studies in children indicate that taking the supplement does not reduce a child’s dependence on asthma medication.

We don’t make medical claims. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements if you are on any kind of prescribed medication.

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